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Event management application for online tournaments and competitions. User-centric design with visualizations and projection features built through a live score and results system.


Start Small - Abstract As You Grow

It was clear that it would be impractical to find and incorporate all use cases at once - and our approach was to start with use cases that we were familiar with - Speedcubing. When developing the interface and application, we still ensured to make all aspects adaptable to other use cases.

Prioritize Live Feedback

Performing some research made it evident from participants acorss event that they lacked any form of live feedback during the event. Many relied on documents they printed out, or simply waited for announcements to be made. They struggled to find their results, their rankings, and many even to know if they qualified for further rounds. The approach we decided to take with Nodus is to prioritize notifications with the ability to opt into notifications for all of these use cases.

Progressive Web App

Nodus is built as a progressive web app because of how important both mobile and desktop use cases are to us. By ensuring that both interfaces are built under the same umbrella, we retain familiarity with users, and ensure accessibility across all devices without sacrificing time, effort, or any use cases.

My Role

As one of two members on the team, I had a very hands-on role from developing the frontend of the application, to tweaking the database and the schemas. I worked on creating the user facing parts of the application, as well as working exclusively on building out or notification infrastructure.

The Product: Nodus - Live Event Feedback

Nodus gives competitors live feedback and notifications during competitions. In addition, it lets organizers stay on top of schedule, keep in touch with staff and run a successful event.

✔️ Group Assignments and Easy Visibility
✔️ Live Automated Projector
✔️ Push notifications
✔️ Incident Reporting and Management

Nodus Demo

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