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At Olliv, I currently work on designing and developing experiences that empower users to buy, sell and trade crypto through Olliv products. In particular, I manage public facing websites for all our products, which are essential to creating a conversion for users into the Olliv ecosystem.

User Experience

My Summer Internship as Product Design Intern at Soliyarn, an E-Textile startup creating sensor based, PFC free clothing.

User InterfaceUser ExperienceUX ResearchVisualization

Mango Lakay - an online directory for Haitian owned business was failing to acquire new vendor partnerships. We did UX research using Contextual Design methods to suggest design solutions

UX ResearchUser Experience

The World Cube Association frequently struggles with appealing to a new audience, as well as retaining new competitors. I performed a heuristic evaluation as well as a usability test to determine potential design solutions to this problem.

UX ResearchUsability TestingHeuristic Evaluation

A premier Automated Redistricting System (ARS) for the rapid generation of statewide congressional districts through various user-defined preferences as well as fairness and correctness measures.

UX ResearchUser Interface

To better evaulate the impacts of Covid-19, this project compares its effects with various other 21st century major events in the US like 9/11 and the 2008 Financial Crisis

VisualizationUser Interface

Event management application for online tournaments and competitions. User-centric design with visualizations and projection features built through a live score and results system.

UX Research

Fluid, customizable speedcubing timer

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