• React
  • Progressive Web App
  • Typescript

Fluid, customizable speedcubing timer


The goal of this project was to build a flexible and modern online timer for puzzles. While many timers like this exist, none of them have a fluid user interface along with cloud synchronization of timers. The application is also an offline-first app - and does not rely on internet to save and store times.

Development & Skills

A significant portion of the development was spent ensuring that the application synchronizes to a cloud database such that the times are saved through multiple sessions. This was done with the help of Apache CouchDB which provided a great way to sync data, as well as use the built in IndexedDB to store times locally to ensure that the offline-first feature of the application is maintained while the sync occurs. This has been abstracted into its own dependency called timer-db.

Developing the user interface was done through React and the Material-UI framework. The key part was to give live feedback, and make all components adjustable so that users to tailor the application to their own needs.


Pulze was built to be an online timer that is simplistic to use as well as being feature rich. It provides a 3D representation of the puzzled state as well as cloud synchronization of the times through a live database. The user interface was intentionally designed to be very flexible, with all elements being able to change in size and position.

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